Miley Cyrus’ Super Racy Photo Shoot Blows Up Twitter (@mileycyrus)

Oct 06, 2013 | 6:00 PM??? Written By: John S

It’s safe to say the world has adapted to Miley Cyrus’ bad girl image, but the former Disney star can still spark controversy by going ever edgier. That’s exactly what the “Wrecking Ball” singer did when she posed for celebrity photographer Terry Richardson for a series of shots that many would call “explicit.”

In one, she’s pulling the crotch of her red leotard up to the point that the outer edges of her genitals are exposed, while another photo has her wearing a transparent shirt, and her breasts are clearly visible.

This overtly sexual theme is what Richardson is known for, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t going in on Cyrus for her choice to pose for him. Iconic singer Sinead O’Connor blasted Miley in an open letter posted to her website for allowing herself to be “pimped” by men only interested in making money, and naturally, Twitter weighed in.

Check the tweets above. For copyright reasons, we can’t post Miley’s shoot with Terry Richardson on this site but you can check them out by clicking here.



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