iPhone Sales Test Apple Strategy

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Saturday, September 21, 2013
Checked 6:30 PM; Last Updated 6:25 PM CDT; 23:25 GMT


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Weekend Highlights: Businessweek releases the full transcript of their Interview with Tim Cook; Apple sold out of its iPhone 5s stock in less than a day; Business Insider theorizes that Apple’s Gold iPhone shortage is deliberate; Tim Cook joins Twitter!; Friday was iPhone 5s/5c day! Apple tells AllThingsD that demand has been “incredible” with sellouts cross the globe, mostly for the 5s; gold model availability is out to October; full coverage down in our General Interest section, including videos and photos from the long lines around the world; Jonny Evans opines on why so many people wait in line; meanwhile, the Telegraph publishes an article featuring the “geeks and geniuses“, the “engineers and visionaries” responsible for the new iPhones; China remains a target for Apple, holding incredible growth opportunity; privacy features, improved multitasking, among the many reasons businesses are attracted to iOS 7; OS X icons got you down with “blahness”, then Folder Factory is just what the doctor ordered; Layers Magazine presents a video tutorial on “selection secrets” for Adobe Illustrator CC users; Sprint offers “One Up” upgrade plans as iPhones hit the shelves; Multipath TCP protocol in iOS 7 allows simultaneous data packets across both ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE; Apple engineers already hard at work fixing bugs in iOS 7, 7.0.1 available for new iPhones already; new A7 chip in iPhone 5s an absolute “benchmarking beast“; Steve Ballmer on record hinting at Microsoft Office for iPad, Android tablets; Macworld gives hands-on impressions of iPhone 5s, 5c; iDownload Blog looks at the 5s, and plenty more in our Reviews section inclucing iFixit’s 5s/5c teardowns; iOS 7 reviews from Gene Steinberg, Chris Pirillo, others; and we’ve also posted numerous tips and tutorials for iOS 7 such as iMore’s tutorial on transferring data from old iPhone to new; Redmond Pie’s how-to on setting up your new Touch ID fingerprint sensor; TMO’s 5 new Siri commands tip, and more.

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Sat Sep 21
“iPhone Sales Test Apple Strategy” WSJ.com 8:19 AM
  • “Tim Cook: The Complete Interview” [“For this week’s cover story on Apple (AAPL) and its future, I spent some time with Tim Cook, who said far more than was ever going to make it into the story. Or even the outtakes from the story. So for even more Tim Cook, here’s the transcript of the entire interview, edited only for clarity.”]?Bloomberg Businessweek?3:00 PM
  • “iPhone Sales Test Apple Strategy”?WSJ.com [Paid Membership Required]?8:19 AM
  • “Here’s The Evidence That Apple’s Gold iPhone Shortage Is Actually Deliberate”?Business Insider?7:30 AM
  • “Rivals can imitate Apple’s product strategy, but not gold fever: Google and Microsoft can make a phone that rivals the quality and fit and finish of an Apple product. What they can’t manufacturer is long lines of people waiting to get their new iPhone or iPad.”?CNET News?7:30 AM
  • “What it’s like to wait in line for an iPhone”?Macworld?7:30 AM
  • “Samsung seeks supra-FRAND royalty from Apple in Germany but backtracks on disgorgement”?Foss Patents?8:10 AM
  • “Apple buyers rue high price of new ‘low cost’ iPhone: Apple fans clamouring for the two new iPhones formed a kilometre-long queue in Tokyo Friday, but high prices in Asia and the lack of a new tie-up in the vast China market dampened the global roll out.”?RelaxNews?9/20
  • “iPhone 5C doesn’t wow Apple faithful: Poor iPhone 5C. The flagship iPhone 5S got most of the love from the Apple diehards Friday.”?CNNMoney?9/20
  • “Apple’s iPhone Release a Massive Marketing Event”?Bloomberg TV?9/20
  • “iPhone ships: Thousands wait in line (and why they do it)”?Computerworld?9/20
  • “Apple targets China growth as new iPhone launches”?Financial Times [Paid Membership Required]?9/20
  • “iOS 7 Shows Up Buffed for Business: iOS 7 may be just what the BYOD enterprise has been waiting for. Privacy settings are more detailed than in previous iOS versions, for example, and multitasking has been improved. ‘It’s much easier to seamlessly switch between running applications, killing things that you don’t want running, and seeing what the state of the machine is,’ said Charles Golvin, principal analyst at Forrester Research.”?MacNewsWorld?9/20
  • “Senator asks if FBI can get iPhone 5S fingerprint data via Patriot Act: ‘You can’t change your fingerprints. You have only ten of them.'”?Ars Technica?9/20
  • “Al Franken is worried the new iPhone fingerprint scanner might be a privacy menace”?Washington Post [Free Registration Required]?9/20
  • “New IPhone’s Fingerprint Privacy Questioned by Senator”?Bloomberg?9/20
  • “Al Franken questions Apple on Touch ID fingerprint sensor”?Macworld?9/20
  • “Senator Al Franken voices privacy concerns over Apple’s Touch ID in letter to Tim Cook”?The Verge?9/20
  • “Apple chief Tim Cook sends maiden tweet”?CNBC?9/20
  • “Sen. Al Franken Letter Grills Apple’s Tim Cook Over Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor”?Digital Trends?9/20
  • “Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Twitter, Gets 187,000 Followers with One Tweet”?The Mac Observer?5:17 PM
  • “iPhone 5S Completely Sold Out, iPhone 5C Restocked”?Tapscape?2:57 PM
  • “Cracker of Apple’s fingerprint scanner to win booze, cash, and bitcoins: Over $19,000 has been pledged so far, all in hopes of ‘making things safer.'”?Ars Technica?10:29 AM
  • “iPhone release: Apple CEO Tim Cook greets fans in Palo Alto”?San Jose Mercury News [Free Registration Required]?9/20
  • “Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVPs Phil Schiller and Eddie Cue are at Palo Alto Apple Stores greeting iPhone buyers”?9 to 5 Mac?9/20
  • “iPhone Mania: Tim Cook Surprises at Apple Store”?Bloomberg TV?9/20
  • “Apple Execs Visit Stores Around San Francisco”?Bloomberg TV?9/20
  • “Apple’s Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and Eddy Cue visit retail stores to celebrate iPhone launch”?The Verge?9/20
  • “Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Katie Cotton and Eddy Cue visit Apple Stores for iPhone launch”?TUAW?9/20
  • “Apple: Demand for New iPhones Has Been ‘Incredible’/Apple said on Friday that it is sold out of some iPhone 5s models, amid what it described as ‘incredible’ demand.”?AllThingsD?9/20
  • “Apple says demand for new iPhones is ‘incredible,’ iPhone 5s in limited supply”?9 to 5 Mac?9/20
  • “Gold iPhone 5S backordered online in US, elsewhere: A few minutes after sales began online, customer demand began outstripping supply for Apple’s high-end iPhone in the new gold color. White and space gray fared better.”?CNET News?9/20
  • “iPhone 5S, 5C hunters hit up NYC, but 64GB gold is elusive: Hundreds of people waited in line at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan, but not even the first person in line: who waited 15 days: could get the 64GB gold version of the iPhone 5S.”?CNET News?9/20
  • “Apple fans line up to buy iPhone 5s, 5c; gold in short supply”?Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required]?9/20
  • “Record Numbers Stand in Line at Apple’s Flagship 5th Ave, NYC Store”?MacTrast?9/20
  • “San Francisco Apple Store’s iPhone 5s line wraps around the block”?AppleInsider?9/20
  • “Gold iPhone 5s Shipments Slip to October”?PC Magazine?9/20
  • “iPhone 5s shipping in 7-10 business days, gold model slips to October”?AppleInsider?9/20
  • “Apple’s gold iPhone 5S hard to find anywhere”?CNET News?9/20
  • “iPhone 5C and 5S go on sale with gold in short supply”?The Verge?9/20
  • “Videos: Lines around the block for Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C”?Fortune?9/20
  • “Analyst: iPhone Launch Attracts Longest Line Ever at Apple Flagship Store”?Mashable?9/20
  • “Apple’s iPhone 5s And 5c Launch Draws Big Crowds, Including Biggest Ever Line At NYC Flagship Store”?TechCrunch?9/20
  • “Apple fans face wait for iPhone 5S in gold and silver”?V3?9/20
  • “Buying your iPhone 5s or 5c from Apple? Expect to wait a while!”?BetaNews?9/20
  • “Apple loyalists line up to buy newest iPhones: Several of Apple’s newest iPhones, particularly the gold 5s, are in short supply and quickly sell out at some stores.”?Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required]?9/20
  • “Apple’s IPhone Global Debut Draws Shoppers”?Bloomberg TV?9/20
  • “Beijing iPhone Launch Goes Off Without a Hitch”?WSJ Blogs?9/20
  • “$0 down on both 5c and 5s in China, but high monthly cost and 3-year lock-in”?9 to 5 Mac?9/20
  • “iPhone campouts turn chaotic amid new device’s debut”?CBS News?9/20
  • “Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C go on sale in UK to huge crowds”?V3?9/20
  • “Panned new iPhones still draw die-hards at launch: Critics may have panned the new iPhones for not moving the needle much, but diehard fans in Asia and Europe still lined up outside stores for the launch.”?CNBC?9/20
  • “iPhone 5s tariffs and pricing: Best Apple iPhone 5s contracts Updated”?Macworld UK?9/20
  • “Three reveals iPhone 5S pricing and promptly sells out of gold and silver models”?The Inquirer?9/20
  • “Britain’s Low-Cost Carrier 3 To Offer Unlimited 4G LTE Data With iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c”?AppAdvice?9/20
  • “O2 might not have iPhone 5S stock until November”?The Inquirer?9/20
  • “Gold iPhone 5s Quickly Sells Out Online, Other Models Show Varying Availability”?The Mac Observer?9/20
  • “Got an iPhone 5s? Bought yourself a iPhone 5c? Or did you stay at home? Here are some views of the queues”?Macworld UK?9/20
  • “iPhone mania grips the globe”?CBS News?9/20
  • “iPhone lines around the world -send us pics! (with photos)”?MacDailyNews?9/20
  • “Should Apple Extend Its iPhone Trade-In Program to Other Phones?”?AllThingsD?9/20
  • “App downloads set to hit 102 billion in 2013 — mostly all free”?BetaNews?9/20
  • “Brit fanboi’s iPhone 5S nicked seconds after he bought it in London store”?The Register?9/20
  • “Apple Users Sent 7 Million iOS 7 Tweets in Two Days”?Mashable?9/20
  • “After 30 years, lost ‘Steve Jobs Time Capsule’ finally recovered”?CNET News?9/20
Non-Apple News
  • “Motorola Seeks Patent for a Multipurpose Wearable Computer”?Patent Bolt?4:20 PM
  • “LinkedIn is ‘breaking into’ user emails, spamming contacts ? lawsuit”?GigaOM?11:57 AM
  • “Samsung sends spies to uncover Apple’s iPhone line phenom: The Korean electronics giant may use ads to mock fanboys waiting for the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not curious about why Apple buyers will sit in line for eons for the device.”?CNET News?9/20
  • “Sprint announces $65/month ‘One Up’ upgrade plan”?9 to 5 Mac?9/20
  • “One Up vs. the world: How does Sprint’s new annual upgrade plan stack up?”?TechHive?9/20
  • “This Week in Cult Of Mac Magazine: iOS 7 Extreme Makeover Edition”?Cult of Mac?10:22 AM
  • “iMore show 366: Golden gated”?iMore?9/20
  • “The Vergecast 094 – September 20th 2013”?The Verge?9/20
  • “iOS 7 Comes Alive And The New iPhones Get Reviewed On Our Newest CultCast”?Cult of Mac?9/20
  • “GigaOM Show: iOS 7 features, that A7 chip and how the cloud is spreading privacy concerns”?GigaOM?9/20
  • “An interview with Niaz Uddin at eTalks”?asymco?9/20
  • “Where to Buy Gold iPhone 5S”?Tapscape?7:01 AM
  • “Adoption Of Apple’s iOS 7 Passes iOS 6 As More Users Update To The New OS”?AppAdvice?9:36 AM
  • “Woah! iOS 7 adoption just beat iOS 6, report shows”?VentureBeat?9/20
  • “iOS 7 found to sport new networking tech: New protocol allows data packets to be sent and received simultaneously across several network interfaces such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G.”?CNET News?9/20
  • “Apple’s iPhone 5s A7 Chip Is A Benchmarking Beast”?Forbes?9/20
  • “iPhone 5s slaps down competitors in early benchmarks”?TUAW?9/20
  • “iOS 7 adoption outpaces Android”?T3?9/20
  • “Video: iOS 7 bug gives everyone access to your photos, contact list and more”?BGR?9/20
  • “Apple Fixing Multiple iOS 7 Bugs Already”?Mashable?9/20
  • “iOS 7 lock-screen bypass allows access to photos, contacts, social networking”?Macworld?9/20
  • “IOS 7 Lockscreen Bug Allows Anyone to Sidestep Passcode, Access Photos/Email”?DailyTech?9/20
  • “iOS 7: security glitches emerge”?Telegraph?9/20
  • “Apple releases iOS 7.0.1 update to fix fingerprint scanner”?Ars Technica?9/20
  • “Day-one iOS 7.0.1 update for iPhone 5s & 5c patches launch bugs”?AppleInsider?9/20
  • “iPhone Fingerprint Hack Contest Dangles $18,000: Crowd-funded effort also promises erotica, bourbon, bitcoins and whiskey to the first person who can successfully bypass the iPhone 5s Touch ID fingerprint reader.”?InformationWeek?9/20
  • “Go Get It, iPhone 5s Users: Apple’s iOS 7.0.1 Is Already Available To Download”?AppAdvice?9/20
  • “Apple Suppliers to Boost Gold iPhone Production”?WSJ Blogs?9/20
  • “Apple to suppliers: More gold iPhones — WSJ”?CNET News?9/20
  • “Apple Reportedly Increasing Gold iPhone 5s Production In The Wake Of Huge Launch Demand”?TechCrunch?9/20
  • “Dual iPhone 5S and 5C unboxing (you know you want to see it)”?VentureBeat?9/20
  • “iPhone 5C Unboxing [Video]?iSource?9/20
  • “‘Does it come in black?’ (No, but ‘Space Gray’.)”?ParisLemon?9/20
  • “In pictures: The Space Gray iPhone 5s”?iMore?9/20
  • “iPhone 5s Teardown Completed”?iFixit?9/20
  • “Apple’s A7 Processor is Made by Samsung”?iFixit?9/20
  • “Apple’s M7 coprocessor once was lost, now is found”?Macworld?9/20
  • “‘M’ stands for ‘mystical:’ No sign of M7 coprocessor in iFixit’s iPhone 5s teardown”?TechHive?9/20
  • “iFixit’s iPhone 5S teardown finds larger battery, improved LTE transceiver”?Ars Technica?9/20
  • “Teardown: Apple’s Latest iPhones Are Not As Green As the Company Claims”?Wired?9/20
  • “Apple TV 6.0 released with iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iTunes Music Store, more”?9 to 5 Mac?9/20
  • “Apple updates Apple TV software: The over-the-air update comes days after iOS 7, the company’s biggest overhaul to its mobile operating system, rolled out.”?CNET News?9/20
  • “Apple TV version 6.0 adds iTunes Radio, iCloud AirPlay support”?AppleInsider?9/20
  • “Apple TV 6.0 Adds iTunes Radio, Podcast Sync, Shared Photo Streams”?Tapscape?9/20
  • “Microsoft Office on the iPad? It’s complicated, apparently”?GeekWire?9/20
  • “Cassandra: Deer Caught in the Headlights -Office for the iPad, Sometime Soon, Maybe, Perhaps”?eXtensions?9/20
  • “Apple Files First Trademark Application for Touch ID in Canada”?Patently Apple?9/20
  • “Apple wants to make it easier for iPhones to scan, decode barcodes”?AppleDailyReport?9/20
  • “Apple files patent for task management based on travel distance”?AppleDailyReport?9/20
  • “Apple Tweaks ‘Last Compatible Version’ App Store Policy”?Tapscape?9/20
  • “Apples ‘Last Compatible’ Policy Updated”?Low End Mac?9/20
  • “Lock Screen Flaw Allows Easy Bypass in iOS 7 -How To Protect Against It”?The Mac Observer?5:02 PM
  • “iOS 7 bug lets you call any number from a locked homescreen (video)”?Engadget?8:29 AM
  • “iPhone 5S issues: The problems Apple will fix for free revealed in leaked document”?Pocket-lint?9/20
  • “Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Understanding AirPlay settings”?Apple Support?9/20
  • “About the security content of Apple TV 6.0”?Apple Support?9/20
  • “iOS 7: If you’re asked for the password to your previous Apple ID when signing out of iCloud”?Apple Support?9/20
Price Trackers/Deals
  • “Picstar (Photo Editing) For iPhone And iPad Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $0.99)”?Apple Sliced?9:53 AM
  • “Sefirah For iPhone And iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)”?Apple Sliced?9:53 AM
  • “Pandoodle For iPhone And iPad Is Free Today (Was $3.99)”?Apple Sliced?9:53 AM
  • “Dinosaur Safari Pro For iPad And Dinosaur Safari Pro For iPhone Are Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $1.99)”?Apple Sliced?9/20
  • “Fishing Land For iPhone And iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)”?Apple Sliced?9/20
  • “Hero Wars For iPhone Is Free Today (Was $0.99)”?Apple Sliced?9/20
  • “15” MacBook Pro Prices & Sales”?MacPrices?9/20
  • “13” MacBook Pro Prices & Sales”?MacPrices?9/20
  • “MacBook Air Prices & Sales”?MacPrices?9/20

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: Save $25 on 5th Gen 32GB Apple iPod Touch, Free Shipping

  • “iOS 7 Siri vs. Android 4.3 voice search: It’s all about the data”?ExtremeTech?2:56 PM
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  • “Review: RHA’s new MA750i in-ear, noise isolating headphones”?TUAW?9/20
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  • “Review: Perfect Shot for iOS 7 helps with group camera shots”?9 to 5 Mac?6:21 PM
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  • “Hands-on with iOS 7 ? Five pointless things I love about the new OS”?TechnologyTell?9/20
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  • “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2: Foodimal Frenzy Review/A Match-3 game in honor of the forthcoming movie release, Foodimal Frenzy is simple fun but nothing hugely exciting.”?148Apps?9/20
  • “Double Dragon Review: This faithful and worthwhile update of the original Double Dragon is an excellent blast from the past.”?148Apps?9/20
  • “Niko and the Sword of Light Review: Combining various forms of media, Niko and the Sword of Light is a comic book like no other.”?148Apps?9/20
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  • “iOS 7 Tips: How To Increase The Readability Of iOS 7”?Apple’n’Apps?9/20
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  • “How to save battery life in iOS 7”?BGR?9/20
  • “How to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c”?iMore?9/20
  • “How To Setup And Use iPhone 5s Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor [Video Walkthrough]?Redmond Pie?9/20
  • “iOS 7 How-to: Set up Automatic App Updates”?9 to 5 Mac?9/20
  • “How to block phone numbers in iOS 7”?TUAW?9/20
  • “Get started with the iPhone 5c and 5s”?Macworld?9/20
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  • “Getting Started With Your New iPhone 5S or 5C”?MacTrast?9/20
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  • “Unhappy with iOS 7? Downgrade while you still can”?Macworld?9/20
  • “How to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6: Unhappy about iOS 7? Has it slowed your iPhone or iPad down? Looking for a way to downgrade to iOS 6? We have it.”?Macworld UK?9/20
  • “Why you should buy AppleCare+ before you leave the store/Summary: There are important changes to AppleCare+, Apple’s warranty program for iPhones and iPads, that you should know about before purchasing it.”?ZDNet?2:39 PM
  • “iOS 7: Activation Lock secures your device in case of theft”?TUAW?9/20
  • “Five quick iOS 7 mysteries solved: What’s that blue dot? How do I quick-delete e-mail messages? Here are the answers to these and other puzzlers.”?CNET Reviews?9/20
  • “iOS 7 Tips: Swipe Gestures Are The Next Big Thing”?Apple’n’Apps?9/20
  • “Transferring your passwords to your new iPhone Tips”?iLounge?9/20
  • “Delete or forward individual texts in iOS 7’s Messages app”?Mac OS X Hints?9/20
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  • “iOS 7: See the timestamp on every Messages bubble”?TUAW?9/20
  • “iOS 7: How to See the Time Stamp of Each Bubble in Messages”?The Mac Observer?9/20

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