Data Doctors CEO shares Google Glass features

by Erin Kennedy

Posted on September 13, 2013 at 12:58 AM

PHOENIX ? Google Glass has been one of the most talked about pieces of technology for the past few months. Thursday Ken Colburn, founder and CEO of Data Doctors, came by Good Morning Arizona to share some of the features of Google Glass.

During the show, Colburn set up his phone?s screen to display what he saw in the glasses for viewers.

?It?s a phenomenal piece of electronics,? Colburn said.

Google Glass has a complete computer built into it that allows users to do various tasks such as take pictures, record video, send text messages and ask for directions.

The technology can be used through voice command and tap command on a side touch panel that allows users to control what happens on the device.

Reporter Javier Soto asked Colburn about other technologies including the new iPhone 5.

Colburn said the iPhone 5 has some neat features such as the fingerprint recognition, which is quicker than having to type in pass codes. However, he doesn?t see it being big on the market.

?People like Google and Samsung and these other guys are doing some really amazing things in technology,? Colburn said.

To learn more about Google Glass, visit:


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